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In today’s digital age, carrying a thick stack of banknotes and coins is impractical from both a security and convenience standpoint. Credit card, often referred to as plastic money, offer a rising alternative. They not only replace cash but also reward expenses. Due to the high demand for plastic currency, leading banks offer a plethora of options. Various credit cards in the market cater to diverse needs, including entertainment, fuel, co-branded, cash-back, student, women, travel, lifetime free, premium, business, global, and low-interest credit cards.

Required Documents For Credit Card Loan

The documentation requirement also varies from issuer to issuer, some of the key documents required to apply for a credit card are as follows

  • Identity and signature proof, PAN card, Driving Licence, Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, employee identity card in case of government employees.
  • Address Proof-Bank statement, Rent Agreement, Voter ID card, ration card, Passport, Driving Licence, telephone/ electricity/ water/ credit card bill, or Property tax.
  • Age Proof-Voter ID card, Secondary School Certificate (class 10), birth certificate, Passport, Aadhaar Card, pension payment order, or receipt of LIC policy.

Income proof for Salaried Individuals:-

  • Latest 3 months’ salary slips
  • Salary account bank statement for six months

Income proof for Self-employed businessmen/professionals:-

  • Latest IT Returns with computation of income and other certified financial documents Business continuity proof.




The Difference between Credit Cards and Debit Cards

  • Unlike debit cards where you spend your money, credit cards involve borrowed money to be paid back before the due date. Using credit cards is akin to a short-term, zero-interest loan, impacting your credit history and CIBIL score.

How to Use a Credit Card

  • A credit card company collaborates with merchants for card acceptance. The issuer provides a revolving credit line for purchases or cash advances. Monthly bills can be paid before the due date without interest. Card transactions involve swiping the magnetic strip or using the more secure chip and pin system for validation.
  • Online shopping benefits from credit cards require details like card number, expiry date, CVV, and transaction passwords.


Add-on cards mostly enjoy the same credit card reward programs as the primary cards. This, however, may vary with each issuing bank, but the basic benefits are

  • Use: Most credit cards allow the cardholder to use these cards in India as well as in foreign countries for conducting various transactions like shopping. Supplementary credit cards too offer cardholders the same benefits. Both online and offline shopping can be done with add-on credit cards.
  • ATM facilities: The withdrawal limit set on a supplementary card may be the same as the primary card, or it might be less. However, supplementary cards have the option for cash advances. This implies that the cardholder can withdraw cash from the ATM at any time of the day.
  • Reward points: Reward or bonus points are added to your account each time you swipe a credit cards. After you have accumulated a certain amount of reward points, you can avail a benefit or a boost from your bank. All supplementary credit cards also have the same features, the same amount of reward points are given for subsequent swipes, as is the case with the primary card.
  • Monitor Usage: Monitoring the usage, spending habits, and transactions made via a supplementary card is very easy as all cards are basically under the same account.
  • Independence: Supplementary credit cards given to children or even parents provide them with financial freedom. These cards are also very useful in case of emergencies.
  • Easy tracking: All transactions of supplementary cards and primary cards are recorded in the same statement. This can help the cardholder in easy tracking.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for a credit cards differs from provider to provider. However, the basic criteria are as follows

  • You should be at least 18 years old
  • Whether salaried or self-employed, you must have a regular source of income to pay back your credit card bills (the minimum income bracket differs from one card to another).
  • You should have a savings account in your name
  • You must not have a bad credit history

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Explore the modern financial landscape with credit cards, seamlessly blending convenience and rewards. From diverse card options to eligibility criteria, embark on a journey towards financial freedom. Looking for the best credit card in India too? Check out our blog post for expert insights.