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We are Indexia Finance with substantial appetite for recognised credits. We have a team of customer-driven relationship managers with wide industry experience in various segments. We can offer you working capital finance by way of cash credit or loans suitably structured to your needs and your risk profile in consortium or as a sole banker.Indexia Finance working capital



  • The scheme is meant for limited companies which are industrial concerns as defined in IDBI Act
  • Those limited companies which have not got any working capital: They were under financed & hence running in lower capacity.
  • There is market for the product
  • The promoters are competent and persons of integrity
  • Technology is not outdated
  • The Company and the unit must be potentially viable


This scheme is aimed for those units currently facing problem due to lack of working capital support from commercial banks.


indexia finance working capital

These units can be made viable with the infusion of fresh funds by way of one time core working capital assistance.

Quantum of Assistance:

75% of the working capital requirement of business for one cycle of operation. Promoters’ Contribution: 25%
Interest rate: PLR + weightage of risk. Repayment Period: Maximum 3 years

The borrower shall approach commercial banks for meeting its normal working capital requirement at any time during currency of the loan. As and when the assistance is sanctioned by the bank, the working capital loan from NEDFi should be repaid out of the proceeds of the loan sanctioned by the bank. NEDFi in turn shall release its charge on current assets and also concede second charge on fixed assets if so insisted by the bank.


  • First charge by way of hypotheticating of current assets
  • Charge on fixed assets of the unit
  • Personal Guarantee of Promoter Director/Corporate Guarantee
  • First pari-passu charge on the fixed assets of the unit, if the assets are mortgaged to other institutions/ Bank
  • Adequate collateral security
  • Upfront fee: 0.1% of the loan amount

Indexia Finance Working Capital

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Documents Required

  • Self-attested copy of KYC Documents
  • Entity proof – Partnership deed/Certificate of Incorporation/Shops and Establishment certificate
  • Copy of PAN Card of Entity, Proprietors/Partners/Directors, Security providers and guarantors
  • Address Proof of Entity, Proprietors/Partners/Directors, Security providers and guarantors
  • Last 3 years Audited/Provisional Financials (Audited financials to include Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account along with schedules and Notes to Accounts, Tax audit reports, Statutory Audit report). In case of Provisional financials, VAT returns are also required
  • Current year performance and projected turnover on letterhead of the entity
  • Last 1 year Income Tax returns of the borrowing entity (along with Computation of Income), if filed online, acknowledgement number is required
  • Latest Bank Statements for last 6 months (in case of First Time Borrower) and 12 months (in case of Takeover proposals). In case of multiple banking, statements covering minimum 75% of banking turnover is to be provided
  • Orders in hand and status along with order copies/Letters of intent/Contract agreements
  • Previous 3 inland LC transaction details for ascertaining track record
  • Project report containing cost of project, means of finance, expenditure incurred and projections along with justifiable details
  • Government approvals for power, Pollution, Building plan along with documentary proofs
  • Proforma invoices of assets to be purchased, copy of allotment letter/conveyance deed in case of land, architect certificate for validating cost of building to be constructed