Project Loan

A project loan is a specialized form of financing designed to fund specific ventures, such as construction projects, infrastructure developments, or large-scale initiatives. These loans provide the necessary capital to undertake and complete projects, enabling businesses and individuals to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Required Documents for Project Loan

For Private Ltd. Company and Partnership Firm

Company Documents

  • PAN Card
  • Current address proof
  • MOA & AOA (Memorandum of Article & Article of Association) or Certified Copy of Partnership Deed
  • GST certificate of the company
  • Other Registration Certificate, if any
  • Company all Current Account bank statement (last 6 months)
  • Last 2 Years ITR (computation of income) Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss a/c Audited or Certified by a CA

Director’s Partner’s & Sole Proprietor

  • Passport size 2 photographs of each director/ Partner/ Proprietor
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar Card/Tel/elect. Bill/ Lease agreement/ Passport)
  • Bank Statement (last 6 months)
  • Last 2 years ITR along with computation of income, Balance Sheet, and Profit and loss a/c. Audited or Certified by a CA

Other Mandatory Documents

  • Title Documents of the Property, Approved Plan
  • Property registry document (Last 12 years property chain registry documents)
  • Certificate and proof of business existence along with Business Profile
  • PPT Presentation of the Project
  • Soft Excel presentation of the project
  • All existing loan exposure in Excel format, if any
  • All sensation letters of the existing loan, if any
  • Latest Valuation report of the company
  • Current rating of the company



Indexia Finance – Project Finance Specialist

  • Foreign Currency Financing: Specialization in Project Finance relying on large-scale foreign currency financing.
  • Collaboration with Institutions: Collaboration with multiple banks and financial institutions.
  • In-House Expertise: In-house Project Financing team for project analysis, evaluation, and funding arrangement.
  • Advisory Financial Services: Crucial role in funding major projects, acting as a liaison between loan seekers and lenders. Expertise in financial modeling and spreadsheets.

Project Financing Involves

  • Distinct Entity Development: Projects are typically developed through a separate, single-purpose financial and legal entity. The project company’s debt is entirely separate from sponsors’ direct obligations.
  • Debt-to-Equity Leverage: Sponsors aim to maximize debt-to-equity leverage, linking debt to cash flow potential and project assets’ value.
  • Risk Coverage: Sponsors’ guarantees to lenders usually don’t cover all project risks. Project assets and revenues are pledged as security, along with contractual commitments from third parties.

Roles of the Project Finance Team

  • Optimal Loan Facility: Advising clients on the most suitable loan facility.
  • Creditworthiness Assessment: Assessing the creditworthiness of loan-seeking entities and determining project requirements.
  • Accelerated Loan Processes: Facilitating accelerated loan processes.
  • Document Compilation Assistance: Assisting in compiling necessary documents for the loan process.
  • Tailored Project Finance: Tailoring project finance to meet specific project needs.
  • Project Structuring: Structuring projects for economic, technical, and environmental feasibility.

Indexia Finance Project Loan – Applying and Searching

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