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Global Research – Who we are & what we do

Indexia Finance Global Research delivers insightful, relevant analyses and incisive views across the Bank’s coverage footprint. Our award-winning team is strongly positioned to inform, advise and partner with clients across macroeconomic, fixed income, currency and commodity disciplines.

Our strong on-the-ground profile – particularly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East – allows us to study these dynamic regions in depth and provide you, our client, with a leading edge through the team’s local insight.

Our comprehensive range of publications includes reports on:

  • Economic Research
  • Global Thematic Research
  • Global Macro Strategy
  • FX
  • RatesCreditCommodities

We interact with our clients through frequent presentations and the production of a range of high-quality publications including OTG, our on-the-ground analysis; ACT, our actionable trade ideas, and Special Reports, presenting analyses of globally significant themes and their impact on economies and markets.

To find out more about us and receive our research, visit our Global Research portal. To get access, please contact your Relationship Manager.

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