Referral Income

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Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, which is usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but businesses can influence this through appropriate strategies.


Customer referral is one of the most easy way to make money. In fact, it is better then starting a new business. Referrals is the least expensive way to make good money. If you evaluate and calculate the customers/clients/friends you have, then you can calculate the rewards & income you will generate by sending referrals to us.


Our referral program is professionally designed and implemented in such a way that it takes the following three things into consideration:

  • Make it worth yours as well as your referrals time.
  • It is creative, generous, and reliable.
  • Our referral offers a value to you and your customers.

Indexia Finance has a professional and dedicated team to handle all referrals from you. We know that referrals are the best source of new business especially from a satisfied customer.


Our team is fully aware about the business potential from from gathering referrals. The Indexia Finance team is aware of the importance of a good word of mouth from your regulars. The are able to convert a very high percentage of referrals into successful business from customers.

Indexia Finance has a long list of satisfied Customers who have made Referrals. We provide a great product and an excellent service to your client. We focus on developing better relations with customers and their referrals from the very first contact which continues throughout the entire application process.

Our competent team provides guidance and interaction with your referral second to none. The team listens to and understands the exact requiremnt of the referral client to meet their requirements. We understand the expectations in great detail and follow up after the sale to ensure that the customers are seeing the results they expect. The focus is on making the entire process experience at Indexia Finance effective and enjoyable, before, during, and even after the completion of the business process.

Indexia Finance referral team has a strong follow up for customer referrals to make sure that they are satisfied with the services provided to them.